Stepping Up: A road map for new supervisors

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"People do not leave companies, they leave their boss".

Front-line supervisors have a huge impact on organizational culture. If effective, they'll lead happy, productive teams that work together to exceed company goals and expectations. If underprepared, they can cause rifts in the very fiber of the organization, negatively affecting corporate culture, HR retention, and the bottom line.

A first step into the ranks of management, becoming a supervisor is a huge shift in job responsibilities and most first-time arc ill-prepared for the role, lacking even a fundamental understanding of what it entails to succeed. The assumption is that they can learn on the job, which often results in stress, poor performance, and compromised results. 

The Perfect Resource for First-Time or Aspiring Supervisors Stepping Up: A Road Map for New Supervisors is a hands-on supervisor readiness training package that is filled with solid, practical advice to orient a new or aspiring supervisor to the role, laying the groundwork for future success.

Stepping Up gives participants an accurate, real-life picture of what it means to be a supervisor. It clearly explains the expectations for the position and the skills and knowledge needed to be an effective supervisor, and offers a path to follow in order to successfully supervise others. 

The Stepping Up training package takes your participants through a dynamic step-by-step series of learning strategies.

Once your participants complete Stepping Up, they will be able to:

  1. Understand the role of supervisor
  2. Effectively deal with the challenges that new supervisors face
  3. Watch out for common pitfalls
  4. Implement the steps needed to get started as a new supervisor
  5. Apply the principles to build credibility as a supervisor
  6. Gain supervisory competencies
  7. Employ performance components when supervising
  8. Develop a personalized road map that leads to supervisory success!

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