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"Employees expect it, recruits demand it, now you can deliver it"!

The Career Builder program was designed for organizations that recognize the enormous capability of their employees and are willing to invest in their development. The combination of subject matter in the series was carefully selected to represent the most important topics in leadership development.

  1. Self management and personal effectiveness.
  2. Interpersonal relationships, communication, and trust.
  3. Teamwork and collaboration.
  4. Leadership and accomplishing results through others.

It is based upon 20+ years of research into those skill sets that will have the greatest impact upon the performance of employees and, therefore, upon the future of your organizations.

This workshop uses the latest techniques in adult learning including simulations, case studies, behavior modeling, application exercises, group discussion, and skill building. The emphasis is on application rather than theory. It enables participants to learn new competencies and gives them the tools to apply them back on the job.

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