Audience Response


We joined with the industry leader in audience response technology.

A powerful tool that gives presenters the ability to receive immediate feedback from their audience on any multiple choice question, creating a truly interactive environment. 

What sets DOTS and Custom Learning Solutions Inc. apart is its dedication to outstanding customer service. We strive to exceed our clients’ expectations and are proud of the accolades we’ve received from satisfied customers.

Add audience response technology to your next live event and receive these benefits:

  • Instant feedback
  • Anonymous feedback
  • Engaging presenter content
  • Efficient way to collect feedback
  • Paperless (no more paper-based evaluations)

Audience Response Technology can be used for the following applications:  

Audience 2 SML


We provide a simple and interactive way to increase audience engagement. Each audience member receives a clicker, which enables him or her to interact with multiple choice questions posed by the presenter.

Trainer Male 4 SML


We can help you to provide a more interesting and engaging training process for your company. The use of clickers is an easy way to involve and assess your class at any point during your instruction.

Questions can be embedded directly into your current PowerPoint presentations to add instant interactivity.

Audience 1 SML

Electronic Voting

Electronic voting has proven to be a very effective application of the DOTS clickers. Our technology provides you with a secure, simple, and speedy way to run elections and resolution voting. Each clicker is equipped with a unique serial number, which ensures each participant receives only one vote.

Each vote is cast with the simple click of a button and results are tabulated instantly.


DOTS in a Box

You asked for a self-service plan and we’ve responded with Dots in a Box! Not everyone is in need of an on site technician. If you have basic PowerPoint knowledge then you may be interested in this more economical option.