LPI: Leadership Practices Inventory

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How Do Your Leaders Measure Up?

You already know the statistics over the next ten years. You need to be sure that your leadership pipeline is filled with the next generation of exceptional leaders. But are they ready? There is a proven, measurable way to find out. www.lpionline.com

Where do I start? 
To build better leaders, you first need to find out where their strengths and opportunities lie using the Leadership Practices Inventory (LPI)®.
The LPI consists of thirty statements that address the essential behaviours found in leaders when they are at their best. Through "Self" and "Observer" versions, you receive 360-degree feedback constituents, managers, colleagues, and others in order t o provide a balanced view of your leadership behaviours and a constructive discussion of ways to improve. 

Experience it for yourself!
We would be pleased to offer you complimentary licenses for a “test pilot” to experience the Leadership Practices Inventory (LPI)™ online. 

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The LPI Facilitator's Guide
The LPI Facilitator's Guide gives you everything you need from start to finish, including scoring software, visuals and forms on CD copie s of participant materials, and more. Clear instructions guide you through administering the instrument, processing and scoring the data, and providing feedback reports. You can also choose the hassle free online version, which will automatically do the work for you! 

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