The Five Dysfunctions of a Team®

Create Highly Functional Teams in Days

Most of the organizations where we live and work are marked by under-performing, often dysfunctional teams.

Why? Because teamwork is an unnatural phenomenon, one that can only be achieved through an understanding of the basic human tendencies that cause group politics and self-interest. Unfortunately, too many leaders, and the consultants who serve them, focus on contrived exercises and tangential theories which do not address the core issues at the heart of dysfunctional teams.  

The author, Patrick Lencioni provides a powerful theory about the five behavioral tendencies that corrupt teams. His insights are ground-breaking and simple, and they are presented in a way that can be applied in any organization—immediately.  The Model 

  1. INVULNERABILITY CORRUPTS TRUST. The fear of being vulnerable in front of team members prevents the building of trust within the team. 
  2. HARMONY CORRUPTS CONFLICT. The desire for preserving harmony eliminates the occurrence of productive, ideological conflict. 
  3. CERTAINTY CORRUPTS CLARITY. The fear of being wrong prevents members of teams from making decisions in a timely and definitive way. 
  4. POPULARITY CORRUPTS ACCOUNTABILITY. The need to avoid interpersonal discomfort prevents team members from holding one another accountable for their behaviors. 
  5. RECOGNITION CORRUPTS RESULTS. The desire for individual credit erodes the focus on collective success. 

The comprehensive trainer’s packages give you everything you need to create a high-impact workshop for functional teams. You’ll learn how to prepare, deliver, and follow-up on a 1, 2, or 3-day training session. This package also includes an introduction to the model, instructions for the administering and debriefing a 38-item team assessment, presentation slides, a poster of The Five Dysfunctions model, and a sample Participant Workbook and Team Assessment that are used by participants. 

The Facilitators Guide includes everything you need to run a high-impact workshop for teams: the Facilitators Guide, a script and slides, a CD-ROM for presentation delivery, a Participants Workbook, a Team Assessment – and how to interpret the results – a poster, and The Five Dysfunctions of a Team® book. 

The Workshop 
Flexible user-friendly, The Five Dysfunctions of a Team® workshop is ideal for off-sites and retreats or can be used as a series of team development meetings. Designed as an exceptional team development tool, this proven process will encourage teams of all types to increase effectiveness and productivity.    

Custom Learning Solutions Inc. has certified facilitators who can deliver this workshop for you. Or if you have your own internal trainers, we can provide the materials, or a train-the-trainer session. 

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